M.Sc. of Naval Architecture Engineering (Ship Hydrodynamics), Amir Kabir University of technology –Tehran Polytechnic(AUT), Tehran, Iran, 2007- 2010

B.Sc. of Naval Architecture Engineering(Shipbuilding), Persian Gulf University (PGU), Bushehr, Iran, 2002-2006




Freeboard calculation according to international load line conventions1966

Vessels hydrostatics calculation and evaluation according to IMO intact stability criteria.

Structural design for less than 50m vessel’s by IACS members’ rules and regulation.

Under Water Survey General Training Course – Certified by ICS

Introduction to Survey of Ships and Cargoes – Certified by ICS

ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditing Course – Certified by D.A.S

ISM Code – Certified by ICS

“Introduction to LIRT System And applications” performed by ICS on 10th till 11th November 2008, Tehran, Iran.


Jun 2006 – Mar 2007 SADRA shipbuilding company (Bushehr) – structure design team

Dec 2009 - Now: Iranian Classification Society – ICS working as Surveyor of Existing Vessel's department.

June 2011 – Sep 2011: Sazeh Pardazan Hiva Darya working as manager of high speed craft design project. (basic design, conceptual design, detail design)


Investigation on slamming in high speed craft with use of model test method                                                   

Propeller design for tug boat with standard series

Damage Stability Calculation of Cargo Ship with Deterministic and ProbabilisticMethods

Study and research on the conversion of ship transverse Section by Lewis Mapping method

Study and Research on maneuvering of  commercial ship

Study and Research on hydrodynamic response of  commercial ship

Experimental study and Research on slamming impact effect on high speed vessel seakeeping.

Study and research on dry dock construction



Damage stability analyses of marine bus with deterministic and probabilistic method in marine industries conference 2010

Added mass calculation for cylindrical and elliptical body with conformal mapping and singular distributions methods in marine industries conference 2010 

Added mass calculation for cylindrical and elliptical body with conformal mapping in marine sciences and technical journal of mazandaran 2010

Ship Propeller Hydrodynamic analysis with Advanced Blade Element numerical Method in marine industries conference 2009

Investigation on pressure distribution on wedge water entry with model test in Iran marine engineering institute journal 2010  


Certified by PMO and ICS as a Senior Surveyor (Existing Vessels) and Auditor


Member of Persian Gulf University Marine Scientific Association

Member of Amir Kabir University graduated Naval Architecture engineers.

Member of Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering(IRANAME)


General software and operation systems:

Dominant user of windows operation systems

Dominant user of Microsoft Office package

CAD/CAM Softwares:

Dominant user of 2D AutoCAD

Naval Architecture and analysis softwares:

Dominant user of maxsurf package

Dominant user of Autoship package

Dominant user of Fastship moderate

Dominant user of Delftship moderate

Moderate Familiar with MOSES

Moderate Familiar


Moderate Familiar with MATLAB


Good in writing, speaking and understanding English.

Native Fluency in Persian Language


Familiar with Following IMO Conventions and Codes:

- SOLAS                                                - LOADLINE

- Tonnage Measurement                      - MARPOL

- ISM Code                                            - HSC Code

- Intact Stability Code                          - IMSBC & IMDG

- FSS code                                              - LSA code                         

Familiar with Following Classification Societies Rules & Regulations:

- ICS                                                      - KR

- DNV                                                    - ABS

Intact and damage (Deterministic and probability) Stability calculation.

Power estimation calculation of marine vessels.

Technical calculation such as:

Freeboard calculation

Net and Gross Tonnage calculations

Familiar with ship structural design process and design ship structure.

Moderate familiar with analysis and calculation of ship structure.

Familiar with maneuvering analysis of ship.

Familiar with hydrodynamics response analysis of ship.

Familiar with prepare and complete of ESP file for bulk carrier

لطفا در صورت تمایل به دریافت خبرنامه‌های مهندسی و آموزشی شرکت و اطلاع از وضعیت دوره‌های در حال برگزاری، اطلاعات زیر را وارد کنید. کلیه اطلاعات شما، با حفظ امانت، نزد شرکت خدمات مهندسی و آموزشی پیتِک نگه‌داری می‌شود.
نام و نام خانوادگی
پست الکترونیک
تلفن همراه
زمینه تخصصی


کتاب ترموفلو مهندس سعادتی 


کانال تلگرام پیتِک 



 دریافت اطلاعات کتاب مبانی شیرین سازی آب- نگین بهشت کار