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A confidant, conscientious dedicated person who is patient, sensitive and respects people and their ideas. Determination to achieve high standards, able to work on own initiative and as a member of a team. Responds well to pressurized situations, able to take on responsibilities and deal with complex problems immediately and effectively. Methodical, hard working and energetic.


To work as a Petroleum Geologist or Organic Geochemist with opportunity to utilize my knowledge and experiences where I can collaborate with a team while contributing to the success of my employer.


“Petroleum Source Rock Studies of the Non-Marine Barakar

   Sediments, Jharia, Bihar, India”. Applied Geology,

   Experimental Basin Analysis.

   University of Roorkee (I.I.T. Roorkee), India, 1992.



  Geology (Fuels), First Division  M.V.M. Model College,  

  Bhopal University, India, 1986.



Geology,Second Division M.V.M. Model College,

 Bhopal University, India, 1983.





Associate Professor,                                      





2007 to Present

Director of Petroleum Geology and

Geochemistry Research Centre (PGGRC),                                                            





November 2011 to Present

Dean of Earth Science Faculty                                                     ShahidChamranUniversity,     



March 2008 to 2010


Vice Chancellor for

Administration and Finance,                   



Aug 2005 Nov 2007


Vice Chancellor for

Research and Development                        





Dec 2004 to Aug 2005

Head of Geology Department                       




Sep 2001 to Nov 2003

Dean Faculty of Oceanography        




Sep 1994 to Nov 2000


Vice-Chancellor for Education                                 



Oct 1995 to Dec 1997


Head of Geology Department                       





Apr 1994 to Oct 1994





Teaching is an activity I enjoy and I have taught undergraduate as well as post graduation students in many settings of ChamranUniversity as well as PetroleumEngineeringUniversities of Ahwaz and AbadanCities. I have positive feedback on my teaching abilities from students, which I am proud of as I see the development of high quality education and teaching as of paramount importance to the development of effective research background. Some of the topics taught in recent years are as follows:

  • Post graduate courses offered:

 a) Advanced petroleum geology

b) AdvancedOrganic Geochemistry

c) Marine Geology

d) Advanced Geochemistry of Petroleum

                e) Basin Evaluation

  • Graduate courses offered:

a) Petroleum Geology

                          b) Optical Mineralogy

                          c) Crystallography

                          d) Field Geology

e) Organic geochemistry


 During a period of my working as Vice Chancellor for Education of Chamran University with more than 15,000 B.A., B.S., B.E., M.A., M.S., M.E., and Ph.D. students as well as teaching staff and personnel, I learnt a great deal about staff management. A diverse population in terms of age and social circumstances provided me with a broad range of experience across many social groups. Indeed, I value the opportunities, which these experiences give of ability to take responsibility and work in a high intensity environment. Heading many research projects, I also realized how important a teamwork and a supportive environment is for a successful practice.


Thus, I feel that as well as bringing the experiences I have detailed in my CV, I believe I could bring with the enthusiasm, energy, and commitment necessary to fulfill the demands of a researcher in today’s environment.







  1. 1.             Evaluation and geochemical modelling of source rock as well as hydrocarbon present in different reservoir of Dasht Abadan, NW persian Gulf. 2011 to present.
  2. 2.             Geochemical investigation of well No 2 in Kish oilfield 2011 to present.
  3. 3.             Effectoin of gas injection on Geochemical Parameter in Asmari reservoir of Ghale Nar Oil Field 2011 to present.
  4. 4.             “Geochemical study of Bangestan reservoir in Marun oilfield. As Principal Investigator for National Iranian South Oil Company, Ahwaz Iran. Feb. 2006 to 2009.
  5. 5.             “Geochemical Investigation for Asmari Oil Souring of Marun Oilfield”. As Principal Investigator for National Iranian South Oil Company, Ahwaz Iran. February 2004 to August 2005.
  6. 6.             “Geochemical Investigation for Asmari Oil Souring of Marun Oilfield”. As Principal Investigator for National Iranian South Oil Company, Ahwaz Iran. February 2004 to August 2005.
  7. 7.             “Oil- Oil Correlation of Asmari / Jahrum Oils of Nargesi Oilfield and Dalaki Oil Seepages”. As Principal Investigator for National Iranian South Oil Company, Ahwaz Iran. February 2002 to March 2004.
  8. 8.             “Oil-Source Correlation of Kazhdumi Shales and Asmari oils in Giant Oilfields of S.W. Iran”. As Principal Investigator for ShahidChamranUniversity. July 2001 to July 2002.
  9. 9.             “Determination of physical oceanographic parameters in Asalooyeh Area (Persian Gulf)”. As Principal Investigator. Completed for “WaterResearchCenter of Iran.” June 2001.
  10. 10.          “Effect of disposal water from oil recovery units to near by environment”. As an Investigator. Completed for “National Iranian Oil Company” Oct 2000.
    1. 11.         “Studying the physical parameters in Persian Gulf.” As an investigator for atmospheric and meteorological Organization of Iran, from Aug 1999 to Aug 2000.
    2. 12.         “Investigating the Salinity of Zohreh River (Aquaculture plant).” As Principal Investigator. Completed for RahBastar Company Dec. 1996.
    3. 13.         “Determination of physical parameters in BahmanSheerRiver”. As Principal Investigator. Completed for “Lairubi va Samandehi Bahmanshir” Company        Sep. 1996.
    4. 14.         “Effect of pollution on environment of Khoore Moosa (Moosa Estuary). As an Investigator. Completed for EnvironmentOrganizationKhouzestanProvince Branch, Aug. 1995.
    5. 15.         “Limnology and Ecologic study of Helleh and MondRivers”. As an Investigator. Completed for EnvironmentOrganizationBoosheherProvince Branch, Oct. 1994.
    6. 16.         “Pollution and their sources in rivers and deltas of BooshehrProvince”. As an Investigator. Completed for EnvironmentOrganizationBoosheherProvince Branch, Oct. 1994.



  Skilled in Source Rock/Oil correlation and Biomarker identification

  • Supervision of outstanding academic and industrial research projects      
  • Strong background in Optical Mineralogy, Crystallography, Petroleum Geology, Organic Geochemistry and Marine Geology
  • Significant working experience with; T.O.C. Determinator, Soxhlet Extractor, Column and Gas Chromatography, GC-MS, X.R.D., Rock-Eval Pyrolysis, VRo, Microspectroflourescence, and some Marine Geology’s instruments such as, Grab, Core sampler, C.T.D., Nonnsen Bottle, Echo Sounder, GPS and Acoustic Current Meters.
  • Excellent at laboratory Management, B.S. and MS. Student Supervision, Training and project Administration.




















In my spare time I enjoy, Tennis, Internet surfing, music, socializing and swimming


Geology software: RockWorks98, GENEX, OPTKIN, ROCKINT, ROCKSIX.

General software: Windows, Microsoft Word, Office, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop.

Networking: Netscape, Mosaic, mail, gopher


Keep abreast of areas, which will be beneficial to my future career as a petroleum geologist and marine geologist, by systematic reading of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletins, Petroleum and Marine Geology Websites and Periodicals, and attending the conferences. Consider myself computer literate and utilize the Internet for culling information on relevant petroleum and marine geology topics.








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